2021: planning for the future


It may be early days in 2020, but we're already planning for next year! This survey is for YOU our Stage Right family, on what YOU would love to see in 2021. We started a tradition last year of theming our seasons, with our first season being 'France' and this season being 'Let's Get Weird.' So if you have an idea for that too- by all means; share away!

So wait, WE get to choose? Will the most popular picked show win?

No. BUT! We want to hear what our ministry is saying and we want to hear what you think would be awesome for Stage Right and the future of our ministry. 

Before you vote! We would ask three things:



We will leave this open till March 1st so be sure and submit! You have the ability to help plan our future so please participate and thank you!

1. Don't think about yourself. Think about the ministry and what would best serve our students and mission, and help us grow.

2. Research what is out there and don't send us shows we can obviously never do. A lot of popular shows do not have their rights out and won't release them ever or for a long time. Others are just not appropriate for our venue and students.

3. Keep yourself clear of others opinions. We want YOURS!

We have some big ideas here at Stage Right. Let us know if we did any of the following, you would be interested in participating in.
Last question since we have you. You planning on doing a show with us soon?

Thanks for submitting!