1. I agree that it is my responsibility to know when and where rehearsals will take place, and should I find that I will be late to rehearsal, I will TEXT the Stage Manager before call time to let them know.

2. I understand that if I miss a rehearsal, it is MY responsibility to get with the Stage Manager or Directors to learn what I missed.

3. I agree to attend all rehearsals for which I am scheduled, unless otherwise noted in my conflicts that I provided at the time of auditions.

4. I will arrive 5 minutes early for all scheduled rehearsals and I will remain at rehearsals until the rehearsal is completed or I am excused.

5. I will bring the script, pencils, and proper shoes and rehearsal clothing to each rehearsal.

6. I agree to be off-book when the Director has asked for this to be done.

7. While at rehearsal I agree to focus my attention on the rehearsal process and not on my phone.

8. I will not cut my hair or beard, change hairstyles or colors, or, in general, change my appearance in any way, unless explicitly instructed to do so by the Director or Costume Designer, or after having had a discussion with the Directing Team about the changes I prefer to make.

9. If I miss a rehearsal that I did not have an original conflict for, I understand that the Directing Team reserves the right to recast my role(s).

10. I agree that I will not invite guests to rehearsals and that our rehearsals are closed off from anyone not in the Company.

11. I agree to assist with the production in any capacity, including but not limited to, working on the set, helping in the costume shop, assisting the Box Office with publicity & marketing, etc.

12. I will participate in the Strike of the show.

13. I understand that I must supply my own makeup and undergarments.

14.  will promote and foster a professional attitude: dedicated, productive, positive, safe, pleasant, creative, collaborative. I will treat others with respect and courtesy.