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I know that while we're all stuck at home, many of us are super bored and desperately searching for things to keep us busy. I always enjoy reading new scripts, and I thought I would share some of the fun ones I've read with you. There are tons of good scripts that you can find online, but every few days I'll write and show you another one I've that you can read online for FREE! While you may have to make an account on these sites, it is totally free to just go in and read the scripts. I hope you have a lot of fun reading and as always, feel free to reach out to me to talk about anything, including the shows! 

I miss you guys and hope to see you soon!

Your President of Operations, Caitlyn Aenis

The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet

We all know the classic story of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet; either we've had to read it in school, seen it in a movie, or have become familiar with it in some other way. However, this isn't your average retelling. In this short play by Peter Bloedel, the traditionally tragic tale is transformed into a comedic one. This script is filled with rhymes, wordplay, and even a few familiar "Seuss-isms." This is a super fun read which honestly doesn't take that much time. This reinvention isn't neccesarily what you may expect, but you certainly won't be disappointed. 

Little Women 2: Wrath of the Undead

While this play is a clear departure from the original source material we all know and love, that doesn't make it any less of a fun read. I actually had the opportunity to assistant direct a production of this last year with some great kids, who happen to be Stage Right kids, for the very same convention that the Godspell company will be attending this year. I've even included some pictures of our cast (and playwright Don Zolidis as well). In this play, Claire is trying to tell the story of Little Women to her younger brother, Tommy, but she has to change it up just a little bit to keep his interest. Overall, this script is a wild ride from start to finish, but is super entertaining to read.

Wilde Tales

Some of us may be familiar with the writings of Oscar Wilde, but this script takes some of his writings to the next level. This play contains five stories from Wilde's collection of stories for young people, combines them with some of his later writings, and brings them to life. In this fantastically vivid story, a statue and his friend discover things about generosity, a family of ducks teaches a lesson about compassion, and so much more happens as well. This reimagination of Wilde's stories by playwright Jeremy Bloom is a pleasant read for people of all ages and teaches many valuable lessons along the way. This script is quite a bit longer than the other two, but is still so good to read.

Great Short Comedies: Volume 2

If you're just looking for a short, lighthearted read, this is definitely one to look into. It contains parts of ten different plays back to back that are sure to make you laugh. The full version of this play is not available online for free, but there is certainly still enough available to keep you entertained. All of the different pieces by different authors are so unique from each other so I can't really give you an explanation of the stories as a whole, but I can still recommend the read. Let me know which one is your favorite!


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