COVID Response

With COVID-19 in our world, how will this look for our students performing? What safety measures will be in place?

For our teams

Every Sunday our Costume and Tech Teams meet in the FLC from 11-2p. Here these teams work diligently and safely on our lighting, sound, props and costumes.

When these teams are together, they need to have a face covering and regularly hand sanitize or wash their hands.

Gloves will be required for some activities, but for the most part they will be optional. Both gloves and masks will be available to any of our students or volunteers upon request.

We will rehearse AND perform with face coverings that will be provided for our students. Our production will be blocked and rehearsed with social-distancing in mind, and with little-to-no touching from our actors.

For our rehearsals



Our crew will have gloves and face coverings as well, and have a station on each side of the wings backstage, equipped with hand sanitizer, alcohol swabs to clean off masks, disposable gloves for our technicians to change out as frequently as they prefer, and a trash can that will be emptied and sanitized at the end of every rehearsal. Our props and set pieces will be wiped down after every rehearsal, as well as door knobs to every door in use during our rehearsals.


When costumes are worn, they will be disinfected every evening and placed in their own personal disposable plastic garment bag. Each costume will be labeled with the date and person who tended to the costume and safely prepared it for the next rehearsal or performance, so that we ensure peace of mind to our performers, parents, and directing team.



Upon arrival to rehearsals, all company will have their temperatures taken with a contact-free thermometer. During rehearsals, our Directing Team will set a timer to go off every 90 minutes. When this timer sounds, our students will be asked to do ALL of the following:


  • Wash their hands or use sanitizer

  • Wipe down their masks with alcohol swabs

  • Drink at least 4-6 ounces of water
    (provided bottles will be marked)

  • Have temperature taken

  • Recommended but not mandatory: Take a Vitamin C vitamin, eat some or all of a fruit containing Vitamin C, or take a shot of director-provided lemon juice


This is something we take very seriously and will be extremely strict with these measures. (Very Von Trapp-like). Directors will arrive an hour early to every rehearsal and set up tables, check-lists, and have an easy and effective system that our actors will find safe and routine. We ask that students bring their own water bottle, but we will be supplying water bottles every rehearsal as well with each students name labeled on them, as to not get their bottles confused with others.


Should a student exhibit signs of illness or fever, they will be immediately pulled from rehearsal and be asked to leave or have a parent come and get them. We as the directing team ask that all families be forth-coming with updates on their child’s status should this happen, so we can make sure to keep our entire company safe.


We would like to remind our students and families that while we hope they are enjoying their summer, they also keep in mind that being a part of a show is a commitment and one that we ask they take as seriously as us. Avoiding unnecessary interaction with others outside of rehearsal and being aware of their surroundings is something we just ask remain on the forefront of everyones priority list. We are a team and when one of us loses, we all lose. So let’s choose to be winners, people. GO TEAM!

For our shows

There will be set protocols for our actors for performances, that the directing team will discuss with each company. Because every show will be unique in terms of cast size, length of show, as well as other variables; the protocols will differ slightly from show to show.

For our audiences

  • All personnel on-site including Company, audience members, volunteers, staff and others must have their temperature checked by the assigned volunteer or staff member, with a touchless thermometer and affirmed not to have a fever exceeding 100.00  in order to perform or be on site.

  • All persons inside Trietsch's main building or the FLC will be required to have a face covering.

  • Stage Right will be completely digital, with no paper tickets or programs. We will be fully digital.

  • Stage Right will follow the Performance Hall Seating Protocol dictated by the State of Texas Strike Force which calls for only 50% of capacity.

  • Seating will not be permitted within 10 feet of the general performance area. At no time will an Actor be within 6 feet of an audience member.

  • Groups of family members may sit together.

  • Seats, door knobs, countertops and other high-touch surfaces will be treated with disinfectant after each performance.

  • Patrons are asked to limit occupancy of restrooms to ensure social distancing.

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