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Interview with Liv

It was an especially lovely afternoon as I was setting up to interview with Liv, the birds were singing, it was the perfect temperature, and the sky was sunny and blue as all get out. As soon as I sat down — as I usually do, ten minutes before I ask the interviewees to get there — Liv glided through the door. That’s odd, I noted. Liv was the only person that I’ve interviewed so far that was actually on time. She wore a flowing blue dress that rivaled the vivid happiness of the sky, as well as a crown made out of a bird’s nest. Not in a weird way, but like a Disney forest princess kind of way (totally normal). She seemed to glow a little bit, almost as if the sun was spotlighting her, and just her. She didn’t sit down exactly, more like she decided not to stand any longer and she started to kinda float above the ground. In my flabbergasted amazement I almost forgot to ask the first question. 

What is your favorite experience working through SRM?

I love being able to be part of a family that loves and enjoys being together so much, working with all of the actors and actresses is the highlight of my summer. (I laughed to myself. Family is the best definition of our ministry, and the fact that other people think that it’s a family as well means I’m doing my job right. Nice.)

What inspired you to start dancing?

I wasn't really "inspired" to start dancing because my mom put me in it when I was 3, however what inspired me to take it seriously was when I was asked to be on the competitive team, I already knew I loved it but from that point forward I knew it was what God called me to do. (She pauses slightly and adjusts her hair. She then holds out her hand and a beautiful and tiny blue bird lands in her palm. It bounces around and chirps out of pure joy. What just happened….)

As a dancer, do you like singing or acting more?

Someone once told me "dance is 50% acting, whether it's ballet or musical theatre or anything else" so I do it in my everyday life, it's what I love!

What is the most challenging part of choreographing a show? 

Either trying to choreograph something in my head or in my room and then trying to put it on others, it's a much larger scale, or when something doesn't end up working and the disappointment you feel as a choreographer is pretty bad. (The inflection in her voice was like listening to Snow White minus the annoyingness).

What is your best achievement dance wise?

From the age of 5, I wanted to be on the Elite Performing Company (highest level at my studio). This year after 10 years of rehearsals, performances, and class I finally did it. I think I cried for 2 hours after I found out I made it! (I raise my hands to clap, but the birds outside are already clapping for her. Animals crowd around Liv like she’s a Disney princess. Also, I think her tears may be magical).

Who is the worst actor that you’ve had to teach to dance and why was it Matthew Black?

I don't think I’ve ever had to teach anyone who was just especially bad, Matthew was the most entertaining though. (I audibly laughed…remembering my director made me wear ducktape over mouth because I dance with my tongue out. ) I teach all ages from 2-12 at the studio and 10-22 with SRM. Some people put more effort into it then others, but when people don't care and put no effort; that’s when they and I struggle...

What did you like most about Esther/Fiddler?

‘Fiddler on the Roof’ was my first experience choreographing anything (Wait what? FIRST experience? I am blown away at how talented she is), and then all the sudden I realized how much I loved it and wanted to keep doing it. With ‘Esther’ though, I was able to have a better feel for things and know what it would be like going into it, I was more comfortable and it made me enjoy it so much more!

Usually after an interview, I make fun of how the interviewee leaves, but Liv literally jumped onto a Pegasus and flew away into the setting sun. This interview is has probably been my favorite because I haven’t been personally attacked this time. Maybe I’ll just interview only Liv from now on. And besides all that, I’m pretty sure that Liv is next year’s Disney princess, so that’s pretty dang cool.