Nomination Acceptance


You may run for up to 3 positions. You may not run for more than 2 though from Board or Sub Committee positions though. For example, if you were nominated for 4 positions: 3 on the Board and 1 Subcommittee, you may choose 2 of 3 Board positions, and the Sub Committee position.

Please note though, that you do not HAVE to run for up to 3. If you are nominated for 3 positions and would only prefer to run for 1 of those 3, then that is perfectly fine. Please think more about how well you would be for the role and less about the chance to serve on the Board.

Our Student Board will have lots of responsibilities and high expectations. They are ultimately the ones molding this ministry and it is something to take seriously. I cannot wait to serve this next year with the 8 that the ministry chooses. Congrats on being nominated though, as that alone is an honor itself.

Please do not talk to others about your nominations until Wednesday. By 10am on Wednesday, the list of who is running will be posted on our website and Facebook.  At that time, you may begin your campaigning for the positions you have accepted.

If you campaign before Wednesday, you will automatically forfeit your nomination and you will be removed from the ballot. I will have a video posted by tomorrow night, explaining the rules behind campaigning. Everyone must watch this video and confirm they have seen it before beginning your campaigning. Best of luck to you all and may the odds be ever in your favor. 

- Taryn

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