Past Events

It was Friday, April 6th. I, along with a few of the other board members, arrived at the FLC early to help set up for the beautiful insanity that was about to go down. The Little Mermaid Watch Party.

When the movie was over, Taryn allowed auditionees to get a glimpse at the dances for auditions. (Sadly, and to Carson’s dismay, there is no Level Negative 1 dance.)

My favorite part of the night was rewatching the film (because, confession, it had probably been about 5 years.) and getting to experience it with a fresh mentality that, as a child, I didn’t have. I got to see how hard it must have been to create (Fun fact- it was all hand drawn.). I got to see what a masterpiece the film was, I got to feel how truly into their roles the actors were. (Another fun fact- the night after the watch party, I got the incredible chance to see Jodi Benson (who voiced Ariel) perform “Part of Your World” live, and I got extreme goosebumps. Even 30 years after the film’s release, she’s still SO into it.)

Overall, it was just a fantastic night and I had a wonderful time. Can't wait to do this beautiful show with you all!