Gen Z and Food: Umm, No.

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Researchers have pondered this question for about 10-17 years.. They now think they have finally figured out why kids these are days are missing out on the substance making them stay alive.

They've never tried it.That's right folks. You heard (read) us correctly. Kids these days - they have tried nothing. Nor are they willing to. They are so used to categorizing; be it with games, music, clothes, etc. They have used this technique to justify their culinary choosiness.

"I used to eat fish sticks. They were the worst. All seafood must be terrible. I won't do it. " - Carson from Flower Mound

Right. That's not a thing? The frozen food section from Kroger, where the guy working inventory may or may not have let freezer burn spread, hardly determines how good or bad ALL seafood should be judged. I'm not knocking Kroger. My dad was that inventory guy at 19 though. So c'mon kids. Give it a go.

They may actually believe food is living.

We've all fallen asleep in science. But, maybe we continue having biology conversations/lessons at home too?

"Mustard looks at me weird." - Anonymous because we don't want to embarrass the parents

.......................... no comment. Also. Mustard is not living.

They think they are allergic to life.

Often times we see kids claim allergies to things they just don't want to eat. With access to sites like Wikipedia and WebMD though, we've basically created a herd of Doogie Howser's with more self-diagnosing going on, then you've seen reruns of Friends.

"When I eat pickles, my left toe burns and my face itches near my hairline. This only happens on Tuesdays though, so I think it's appendicitis. Which is caused by eating too many green circles. Also- truffles do this to me on Thursdays. But thats a curable type of Ebola, so I should be okay." - Lauren from far away

They might actually be the first stage of zombies.

You've seen the movies. Who are we to say they aren't? Just remember the first stage of zombie-esk behavior is being extremely picky in terms of eating. Parents- make sure you're not next.

#stageright #pleaseeat



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