Service Opportunities:

Clean FLC Stage

Our beautiful stage at Trietsch is in need of some cleaning. If you would like to help we will be meeting February 22nd from 2-4pm to do this. Thank you for those who will be helping us!

Confirmation that you understand, by signing up for this you agree to be there on Feb. 22nd 2-4pm to help clean the stage (It's ok if you need to cancel, just contact Briee)


The Loft

At the church, upstairs in the Ministry Center, there is a room where we store all our collected props and costumes. We call this room The Loft. The Loft is very helpful, it has many wonderful and needed items in there. But, The Loft is M-E-S-S-Y!!!


What can you do to help? Well we are glad you asked. As part of our community service opportunities, we host Sunday Loft days for you to come help us clean and organize The Loft.

Every Sunday is either lead by Caitlyn, President of Operations, or Maddie, President of Student Life. Alongside chaperone(s) Briee or Taryn. These four, and your student board, are the people you will report to when working in The Loft. Please be kind to them, and remain focused when you’re helping. They will have specific tasks in order to make sure that everyone’s time is spent effectively. We are gonna work really hard to make sure The Loft becomes an organized place and we would really appreciate any help we can get.

If you would like to help us or are needing your service time done, please contact Briee when you wish to attend. We hope to see you at The Loft!



Trietsch partners with Wesley-Rankin each year to provide a 4 day hands-on summer enrichment camp for students entering grades 1-8th. These kids are bussed each day from a low income area of West Dallas to attend Trietsch's MAD Camp. MAD Camp provides these kids with access to music, the arts, mentorships, science and first-time experiences. The children LOVE the time spent at Trietsch due to the loving volunteers and all of the dynamic, new experiences. Many of these kids have had their first exposure to things such as guitar, woodworking and cooking at Trietsch. These are opportunities they never would have been able to experience without the amazing lessons taught by volunteers at MAD Camp.

We hope that you have a heart for the kids of West Dallas, too. We would love for you to join us the week of MAD Camp at Trietsch as a volunteer. No skill is required. You just need to be willing to love on the kids and help them move from activity to activity.

Learn more about MAD Camp and supporting Wesley-Rankin here:


Service opp times/days (also- lunch IS provided, free of cost, to our attending volunteers at this event):

TBD:  8:00am until 1pm (Bringing tons of joy at Day 1)

TBD:  8:00am until 1pm (Having a terrific time at Day 2)

TBD:  8:00am until 1pm (Being INCREDIBLE at Day 3)

TBD:  8:00am until 1pm (Performing all your talents at Day 4)

**If you plan on coming at least 3 out of the 4 days of MAD Camp, Stage Right will purchase your MAD Camp  t-shirt. If you would like to purchase a t-shirt, they are $5. 


Night HAB Volunteer

Stage Right Ministry will again be taking part in Butterfly Ministry's Night HAB on December 13th in the Ministry Center, by setting up decorations the Monday before, Dec 9th from 4-6pm, and helping run the event from 6-8pm. Sign up to support this awesome event and spread some Christmas cheer!!!


Sunday Services

Trietsch is needing helpers on Sunday for their services. No previous experience needed, they just need someone to be there willing to help!

Check out all the time slots we have available, and sign up today!

*Need 2 volunteers per time slot.


More Coming Soon!