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Welcome to my blog series "Stream It?’" Since we’re all stuck inside with more free time than we know what to do with, it's a great opportunity to dig into the depths of Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, or your service of choice. You might want to try something new, but don’t want it to haunt your “continue watching” page if you don’t like it. Well, have no fear because “Stream It? With Sydney” is here! And if that's not you, you can still read it.




Relatability - could anyone relate to this show


Uniqueness - have I seen this before, and if I have is it better than the others


Worth the Watch - was watching the show worth my time


Grade - at the end the show/movie will receive a letter grade, and you are free to stream it or not


each of these factors will receive a score from 1 to 10


a  Disney+ original...


This week, I decided to try out a retro Disney+ show that I’ve heard a lot about from the older generation. Gargoyles is a show about, well, Gargoyles those winged statues that sit outside of medieval castles and fortresses. The first episode opens with chaos in the city, we’re talking red lightning in the sky, storms brewing, the whole nine yards. Immediately we are thrust into a flashback to medieval times and we meet the stars of our show: the gargoyles, who help a general protect his army after coming alive at sundown. 



This show isn’t very relatable which is one of its main downfalls. In scenarios as whimsical as the ones in Gargoyles, it takes an extra effort to see yourself in those characters and put yourself in situations such as medieval war and such. There is potential for the show to be relatable in areas such as handling conflict and working together despite differences. On the bright side, a low score relatability allows for a high score on uniqueness.



One of things that made Gargoyles really stand out to me while I was watching it is that it doesn't come across as a “kids show”. The animation is really dynamic and colorful and reminds you of all the old cartoons (which it is). The show doesn’t try to rely on basic, simple jokes; it’s actually more dramatic. The story is really unique considering it’s medieval history which mixes with a modern setting. Also, there were Scottish accents? Another thing that makes this show stand out is that it's really cool. Cool in the sense that it's not a Disney nuclear family sitcom, an educational show, or a cartoon that's heavily comedy/adventure based. Gargoyles is the type of cool where you would show up to school and brag about how underground and indie it is, and that it's completely underrated.



It’s hard to believe that the episode I watched was only 20 minutes because the show is so packed with action, which I love. The episode leaves you wanting to find out what happens next because of the modern setting at the very beginning. The show also has a good variety of characters and personalities, so you won’t get bored of everyone sounding/looking/acting the same.




I am genuinely interested in watching at least the next few episodes of this show. Once again, I love how the episodes don’t feel “kiddy” or watered down. I can see Gargoyles providing great lessons and nail-biting entertainment. Plus, you can earn coolness points.

I hope you guys enjoyed "Stream It?" I hope this series will help at least a little bit with finding a cure for your possible quarantine boredom. Let me know what you would like me to review next (keeping in mind that I only have Netflix and Disney+).


Until next time!



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