Theater 101: Good to Know

Jazz Shoes: Usually slip on, but may tie up depending on what kind you get. DO NOT WEAR OUTSIDE! Small bits of gravel will get stuck in the soles. That will scratch up and destroy marley flooring (what we use in dance rooms).

Character shoes: These are only worn by women. Usually, they have straps with a buckle, but they may also be elastic depending on the brand. They are a solid colored heel. They are a specific kind of shoe, so don’t just bring some pair of heels. The color you need will be clarified. They typically only come in Tan or Black. DO NOT WEAR OUTSIDE! These are a dance shoe though, not a style of shoe. So please don’t buy some that you think ‘look’ like them. They are a dance shoe with a specific type of make and sole.

Basic: A nude colored leotard that ALL LADIES ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR! This is mainly for modesty reasons, but it also adds another layer between skin and costume. This may help if you are one to have sensitive skin, an itchy costume, etc. These are a very good investment as you can use them for every show you ever do.

Undershirts: DUDES! You will not need a basic, but you will most likely need an undershirt of some kind. Just a white shirt or tank top will be just fine unless something else is specified for you. If there is no specification, assume you need white. Wear under all costumes. The recommendation is not to get an undershirt that is really thick, thin is not as warm and it is less likely to bunch up in odd places and show through your costume.