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Hey everyone! Here is where we will list important things that we have on our Weekly Wave. Remember- everything from there is NOT listed here, but we have tried to include some big things here to help you! Please keep reading your weekly newsletter though and let us know if you have any questions!


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MAD Camp Sign-up: By May 28th

MAD Camp will be here before we know it! We only have a handful registered, but our goal is 25-30 volunteers each day. It sounds like a lot, but last year we had 19-26 each day and we had a cast of 42. So with a cast this big...our goal should be no problemo! There's also the option to buy a MAD Camp shirt for $5! What a deal! It will have the logo you see above which is totally different than years past because it is Under the Sea themed! TMUMC is allowing just STAGE RIGHT to have their own exclusive color shirt as well so we will be one of a kind this year! We are SO excited about this event and we hope you can participate! Click the link below to sign up!


TLM Character Boards: Due date: June 18th

We are totally pumped to do character boards this year! We want these boards to be your own though! There is no right or wrong on how to do these, and this isn't school- so there's no grade! This is meant to be a fun and illustrative way of bringing out your vision for your character(s). By clicking on the link below, you will see lots of different ideas on how to do your own, with a FAQ section to help better guide you guys! We will work on these in rehearsals, but you're more than welcome to do these on your own as well. If you will be out of town, then please make your arrangements to have it in your directors hands by no later than June 20th.