Current Worship Series: Faith Works

The Jesus Experiment: 

We often look for spiritual fulfillment in inadequate places—job, wealth, entertainment, drugs/alcohol, recreation, poor relationships or even family. We want to believe we’re in control and we can make life better for ourselves. Maybe if we dig deep enough or try something new, we can discover love and be loved.

These self-centered experiments and tests lead to disappointment, and even emptiness and despair, from their lack of fulfillment. Rather than seeking control, let’s seek something greater than ourselves.

Try a new experiment with us this Lenten season. Instead of grasping at status and control to gain fulfillment, try seeking a relationship with Jesus. Look at the 40 days of Lent as an experiment in spiritual practices and see what unfolds. Open yourself up to the 7 spiritual practices that Jesus taught us: engagement with scripture, relationship, prayer, worship, service, generosity and faith-sharing.

Test it out this Lent in The Jesus Experiment.


August 2nd Difficulties & Doing
August 9th Faith & Works
August 16th Words & Wisdom
August 23rd Godliness & Worldliness

Trietsch Youth

On campus Activities:


We are slowly and carefully reopening the church to group meetings. Limited days and rooms will be available for Fitness, Small Groups, and Youth, with approved advanced reservations. We are not allowing groups to meet who have more than 25 people at this time.


●  Noon - 8pm: Youth groups may meet in the FLC

Cell Groups:

In an effort to better serve students and families, we are shifting the youth ministry into cell ministry format. We are the Body of Christ, and the basic building block of the body is the cell. Cell Groups will meet on Sundays beginning June 7.

Groups are incoming students going into 7-12th grade in the 2020/21 school year. 9-12th grade meets at 6:30pm and 7-8th grade will meet at 2pm. Additionally, we will form a group for college students, including graduating seniors. Incoming 6th graders will move into confirmation. Cell Groups will meet online at first, but will meet in person when able. As restrictions ease, we may join groups together. Cells allow us to have better connections online and quicker connections in person.

Contact Youth Leader: Bill Mauldin


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Trietsch Youth Choir


Uth Kwior is for students in 6-12th grades. Our mission is to sing loudly, live humbly, & serve boldly. All middle school and high school students are welcome to join us on Sundays, September - May, in the Ministry Center from 12:00 to 2:00 P.M. We start with lunch followed by rehearsal in the Choir Room (Room 165). The Uth Kwior prepares music to perform in worship as well as out in the community.

There are many opportunities for mission work within the group, such as serving the Denton State School and Salvation Army. The Uth Kwior holds several fundraisers throughout the year to support the annual Summer Choir Tour.

Contact Youth Choir Director: Amanda Evans

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