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Road Trippin' with Jess & the fam

So my family and I went to California a few weeks ago. And if you haven’t been, then let me just tell you all about it!

While we were there I saw the famous ‘Hollywood’ sign (which was really cool btw) and the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. I went on a tour and saw like all these famous people’s houses and it was pretty interesting! (Bieber’s house was weird but hey, I was still fan-girling really hard). I went to the Wax Museum, but I was kinda freaked out the whole time. Then I went to a LA Dodgers baseball game and of course right as we were leaving, the Dodgers got A LOT of runs and I was like, ‘well dang’ lol. 

Then we went to Anaheim, and our hotel was right next to Disneyland…which was like a blessing and a curse. We could walk to Disneyland really early in the morning but at night our feet would hurt really bad and… it just wasn’t happening. I went to California Adventures for a day then Disneyland the second day. I went on ‘The Little Mermaid' ride a million times because it was my jam honestly. I also went on the 'Guardians of the Galaxy’ ride but no one told me it was a drop-one so I kinda freaked out. The next day at Disneyland I saw Tinkerbell (WHATTA ICON !!!) She was so sweet and I actually loved her. I went on a lot of rides there and ate wayyy too much ice cream, but it was worth it. We ended up leaving Disneyland early that day, but came back at night and went on ‘Space Mountain’ even tho the line was 2 hours long !!! 

The next day we drove down to San Diego and went to the zoo. I loved the flamingos, and they like, followed me around which was kinda funny. I also saw a dog who was best friends with a cheetah lol. We were at the zoo forever it felt like, but we only got 1/4 of it done bc it was so big! We also got to visit the sea lions at a beach and see my cousins, so that was pretty cool. We drove back to LA for the last 2 days and went to Universal Studios which wasn’t crowded at all. I really liked all the rides there. My favorite was the ‘Mummy’ ride even tho it was terrifying. The last day we walked around LA some more, and I went to the Gucci store. Of course I made fun of the $800 baby hats lol. I got some really good candy (not at Gucci lol) which I’ve eaten all of already. California was an interesting, almost eye-opening experience for me. I saw new things I’ve never seen or heard of, while having lots of fun at the same time. I really enjoyed it all even tho it went by wayyy too fast. I can’t wait to go again some day!