Voting Time


(picture the iPhone confetti canon burst feature thing...that like, explodes. If you have an Android, then umm...not sure what they have but I am sure there's something great)

Alright you crazy kids. Here are the rules/instructions:

1. You can absolutely vote if you have been in any of the following shows as a performer or tech crew (so long as you are between the ages of 11-21- or were at the time of those performances):

- Elf the Musical, Jr.

- Fiddler on the Roof

- UnMurdered

- Esther the Musical

2. When you're ready to vote, send an email to

3. An individual from our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) will respond to you with a voter ID and the link to vote.

4. You may submit ONE vote for all the positions. Your vote WILL remain private and the only reason the PAC is keeping track of this is so we can avoid false votes or repeat votes.

5. Vote, y'all. Have fun. Pray about your decisions and don't pick the popular vote. Vote for the person who would truly serve Stage Right Ministry as it needs to be served and led.

6. Email with any questions you might have.

- Taryn