Discover a craving for God beyond our personal appetites.

We were made to crave. To crave is to feel a powerful desire for ________. We can each fill in the blank differently. It's the body and mind's way of telling us that we're missing something. For many of us, cravings are less essential: maybe a cookie, salty snack, or just one more episode of that binge-worthy show. But we also have deep-rooted cravings that bring us fulfillment and purpose. God made us to CRAVE Him and His presence so our hearts begin to beat more like His.

What if we craved freedom instead of Thin Mints, connection instead of The Walking Dead, or true life instead of Cool Ranch Doritos? Lent and Easter is a time to reflect on these cravings and make sacrifices in appreciation of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us. Join us for CRAVE: a call to prayer and fasting.


MARCH 5TH, 2017

Fasting for Freedom: Matthew 4:1-11

Christian fasting is NOT punishment, penance, purposeless, self-denial

Christian fasting IS the voluntary denial of something for a specific time, for a spiritual purpose, by an individual or community.


Freedom from bondage: Galatians 5:1

Strength for the journey: Esther 4:16

Commitment to God: Daniel 1:12

Relationship with our True Love: Luke 2:37

Discernment for wise decisions: Acts 13:3

Our goal this Lent (next 40 days) is to discover a craving for God beyond our personal appetites.